Introducing the RINGR Blog

When starting RINGR in July of 2014, the primary goal was to solve a problem I encountered in my job as a radio host. I had no idea—just a few months later—this brainchild would lead me to quit my career of 18 years, move 250 miles away from home, join a business accelerator, hire employees, and launch a global interview platform.

Along the way, however, it has become increasingly clear that many podcasters and broadcasters aren’t just looking for better audio. They’re looking for deeper impact. A great-sounding show is nice but, ultimately, the endgame is to enrich lives, inspire action, and grow a tribe of devoted followers and fans. And though it can certainly help, I’ll be the first to admit that crystal-clear interviews won’t single-handedly do any of that.

At RINGR, we want to change the way long-distance interviews are recorded, but we also hope to provide the resources you need to dramatically improve your show as a whole: tips, tricks and other best practices on how to successfully gather, edit, produce and distribute quality content. In a nutshell, RINGR wants to help you make a difference.

So, in addition to moving forward with our RINGR mobile apps (and soon-to-be desktop and conference calling platforms), we have compiled exclusive content from some of the broadcast and podcast industry’s most-respected leaders and experts…including Daniel J. Lewis, Jeff Brown, Shawn Smith, Paul Kemp and many others. These articles, podcasts, videos, and infographics will be regularly posted to our new RINGR blog and distributed via email and on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

While high-quality audio is a gigantic boost to a show’s overall sound and effectiveness, there’s more to a professional podcast or broadcast than static-free conversations. There are hosting techniques, interview methods, technology tricks and so much more that can help take your product to the next level. And we can’t wait to bring them to you.

We’re going to be learning from the best in the business…together.

Tim Sinclair

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