• Call-resuming update

    RINGR 3.0.1 makes various fixes to the 3.0.0 (call resuming) release, including:

    • (all platforms) call flow improvements, including protections against re-starting a recording session that’s actually been finished
    • (iOS) decreased default mic gain, and ability to completely disable mic gain for users who have had issues with crackling in recordings
    • (iOS) fixes for some subscription purchasing bugs encountered by a few users
    • (iOS) re-enabled iTunes file sharing (had been inadvertently disabled in a previous build)


  • Call resuming & green room!

    With RINGR 3.0.0, we’ve made some major changes!

    RINGR now allows you to talk to your guests BEFORE you start recording with our new green room technology. Also, with our new call resuming feature, you now have the ability to instantly reconnect with a guest if you want to.

    See our updated instructions at https://www.ringr.com/instructions/ for more info!

    Green room


    Call resuming